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In the past five years of my modeling. I’ve had many amazing experiences. From getting an audition for America's Most Smartest Model season 2 - which kicked off my career, to modeling for Ralph Lauren, MAC, Tommy Hilfiger and many underwear companies.

I was signed to Wilhelmina NY for two years, one of the most prestigious talent agencies in the world. Now freelancing with many agencies around the country and abroad.
Posing is key in modeling. Practicing in the mirror, keeping abs and face in sync, and exuding surety in every shot. Biting the jaw, eyes must be intense, and a genuine smile are all characteristics of a strong male model. Diet, working out, and skin care as well.
Modeling is a simple form of acting. Confidence is an absolute must. Even when a model is not at his or her best they must act confident. Strengh in every shot.
A model must be comfortable in his or her own skin and this must translate into the photos. Keeping a high self esteem in where a model stands in their past/present state and overall career ultimately will translate into great images. And I’m quite comfortable in front of the camera.  This is MY Lifestyle.

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