Marijuana Addiction Is Rare, But Very Real

Written by Rachel Barclay

Most people can use marijuana without becoming addicted. But for users with vulnerabilities like stress, mental illness, or a genetic predisposition, the risk of dependence is real.
Marijuana Addiction

For George*, age 60, of Raleigh, N.C., quitting marijuana was no problem.

More Teens Are Lighting Up Hookahs, Says Study

By Sandra Levy

American youth are giving thumbs down to smoking cigarettes, but their use of smoking hookah is climbing, suggesting more education is needed to inform the public about the health dangers of this alternative form of smoking.

Two Cancer Survivors Meet and the Women Survivors Alliance Is Born

By Sandra Levy

Women Survivors Alliance, an organization devoted solely to women cancer survivors and survivorship issues, is proof that wonderful things can happen when survivors look beyond their own struggles to advocate, provide support, and offer hope to others.

A New Generation of Dads Juggles Work and Childrearing

By Sandra Levy

When dual income families have kids, it's moms who usually shoulder a larger share of the childcare duties. These days, dads are becoming more involved with their kids, and are finding that the new arrangement bodes well for their families and their careers.



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