!Papi, me canse de ser gordita!

Lynda Marin, M.A.
Psicóloga e Hipnóloga

Tal vez vivimos insatisfechos con nuestra vida sin saber por dónde y cómo comenzar a hacer cambios. Sin duda alguna existen situaciones de las cuales no tenemos control. También en ocasiones inconscientemente creamos algunas situaciones.

Cuántas veces hemos escuchado frases populares como “lo bueno no es para siempre”, “todo lo bueno tiene su fin’. Repetimos por generaciones estas frases como un mantra hasta convencernos que son la ley de vida. Inconscientemente nos convencemos que a si tiene que ser la vida. Incluso sin darnos cuenta nos programamos para sabotear los buenos momentos.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking and Save Thousands of Dollars Doing It!

If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking, you know that it’s not easy. A few hours longer than you’re used to without a cigarette go by, and you find yourself fiending for a nicotine fix.

But the habit is not just physical, it’s mental too. Patches, gum, and lozenges can help lessen your nicotine cravings, but did you know that your dependence on Nicotine is actually due to a change in the brain’s chemical structure? It comes hooked into wanting more and more nicotine to make the effects last.

Sexual Coercion: The Last Thing Men Will Talk About

Written by Brian Krans

Nearly half of young men reported being the victim of sexual coercion in a new study, showing that despite popular beliefs, men can also be the targets of abuse.

Sexual Coercion: The Last Thing Men Will Talk About

The stereotypical man is tough and reserved with his emotions. A "man's man" has a beard, drinks beer, and keeps his feelings to himself.

How Your Office Affects Your Health (and Happiness)

Written by Sandra Levy

Studies show that your workplace environment may have an effect on your health and satisfaction at work.

Your Office Affects Health Happiness

Do you hunker down in an office with a noisy open floor plan? Or do you spend each day in a cubicle? Maybe you labor away in a private office? Your answer to these questions could influence your health.



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