2015 Damas De Lincoln: Reaching New Heights for the Holidays – Albania Rosario

In New York City, the mecca of fashion, one would recognize that the uptown culture provides an incredible contribution to the ever-changing styles and designs often portrayed in the downtown runways during New York’s biggest week in Fashion.

The city of dreams, serves as a platform for creative fashionistas from all walks of life to portray their talents and entrepreneurial spirits, and Albania Rosario is not an exception. Rosario is the founder of Uptown Fashion Week, an extensive week of fashion featuring emerging and established celebrity designers from around the world that displays a diverse spectrum of cultural designs. Rosario was born and raised in Dominican Republic and came to the United States to search to attaining her dreams and in search of new opportunities. While at first it was difficult transition for Rosario, as she did not speak the English language, she accepted the challenge and was confident that no obstacle could deter her dreams; one of many was to provide designers from Latin America an opportunity to showcase their talent during New York Fashion Week- and that she did!

Her vision was to establish herself in the fashion industry and help designers from Latin America share their contribution to fashion in an international platform. Her drive, passion, and determination, led her to launch Uptown Fashion Week four years ago. She first started with only showcasing the work of six designers, and this year she brought over 32 designers from all over Latin America. She continues to work with the most talented designers and in doing so opening doors for younger entrepreneurs and aspiring designers.

The Lincoln brand personifies a symbol of luxury, design, and inspiration; a brand that creates a unique style and breaks barriers to achieve impeccable quality, similar to those of Rosario and he visions brings to uptown fashion. She has created a platform that creates a sense of community, and by doing so, her story has inspired many Latinas to reach their dreams and beat all odds. She firmly believes that Fashion, much like Music, is the core that brings us all together and continues to strengthen our Latin American communities.

This year, for her diligent work in the fashion industry and her influence in the Latin community, Rosario is recognized as one of the 2015 Damas De Lincoln – a platform that highlights the work of entrepreneurial and influential Latinas around the country. These Latinas are pillars of their communities, whom serve as cultural ambassadors. They embody the core values of the Lincoln brand for quality excellence, style and design.

Rosario is an inspiration for all lovers of the visual arts and through her work continues to motivate women from around the world with her entrepreneurial spirit. She embodies excellence and determination and day-by-day is impacting the community she serves.

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