When a Feature Film Becomes a Musical and a Musical Becomes a Feature Film

When Broadway announced thatthe feature film The Devil Wears Prada was coming to the theater as a Broadway musical, and Warner Bros. Pictures made public that the musical In the Heights was coming to the big screen as a feature film, these two industries proved that when it comes to making their stories last forever, they need each other.

After the release of The Devil Wears Prada the movie in 2006, which starred Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley and Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, the film based on Lauren Weisberg’s novel of the same name became a massive smash hit in box offices all over the world.

Audiences not only were captivated by the portrayal of the characters’ complex personalities, but they were also able to identify themselves with either Miranda Priestly or Andy Sachs. The dramatism of the emotions of the characters and their contrasting personalities prompted Broadway producers to think that this story could take the form of a musical. For author Zachary Stewart, from theatermania.com, Inc, the fact that Mean Girls, the most recent feature film that became a musical, “Is still doing brisk business” allowed producers to believe that The Devil Wears Prada could also become one of the hottest musicals and ticket in town

The Artistic Team

By posting high expectations on this production, it is undeniable that it will be expected that the people in charge of this production would be people who were familiar, creative, and influential in this business.

With Anna D. Shapiro, best known for directing the latest revival of Of Mice and Men, directing, with Elton John, coming back since his last contribution on Broadway with Billie Elliot, composing the music, and with Shaina Taub writing the lyrics, theatergoers should not expect anything, but pure perfection.

The Devil Wears Prada, the musical, was initially going to start previews this summer in Chicago, but after the pandemic hit and shut down theater venues, the first preview is set to play on July 13th, 2021 at the CIBC Theater in Chicago.

To see and buy tickets, please visit: https://www.broadwayinchicago.com/show/prada/

In the Heights the Film

When beloved actor, producer, playwright, and musician Lin-Manuel Miranda debuted his first show In the Heights on Broadway in 2009, nobody ever expected that the show would quickly steal people’s hearts. After a successful run on Broadway, the show closed in 2011; however, it left audiences wanting more from the show.

The show that attracted diverse audiences beyond the Latino spectrum not only earned a total of thirteen Tony® Awards nominations, but it also became a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2009.

The show told the story of a hard-working Puerto Rican young man, Usnavi de la Vega, who lived in the neighborhood of Washington Heights in Manhattan and who is madly in love with a young beautiful girl named Vanessa.

According to Miranda, he was deeply inspired by Latin Folk when he wrote the music and lyrics of the play.

In a story where a man struggles daily to make something out of his life, and in a story were not only the Latino audience, but also the general public came out of the theater humming the music and mumbling the songs, posited a tremendous interest in film producers who thought that this could be a successful and unforgettable featured film.

In 2011, a first production proposal to turn the musical into a feature film was presented to Lin-Manuel Miranda. The story was presumably going to be directed by High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, but the project collapsed and the talks were put on hold for several years.

In 2018, In the Heights made it to the newspapers’ headlines again, but this time it was with a confirmation and with a release date. The feature film was set to debut in movie theaters in June of 2020, but after the pandemic, the date was moved to June 18 of 2021.

The film is directed by Jon M. Chu and stars Anthony Ramos as Usnavi de la Vega, the lead character, Melissa Barrera as Vanessa, and Corey Hawkins as Benny. The music and lyrics are in charge of Alex Lacamoire, Bill Sherman, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

After the show went on to play in other cities within the United States, as well as in other countries, left fans longing for more, and Lin-Manuel Miranda rose to fame with his second Broadway hit Hamilton, it can be inferred that filmgoers and fans are going to crowd the theaters next summer to see what Miranda has long-worked on.


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