About Us

MY Lifestyle Magazine and Agency is the first publication for bicultural chic Latinos. An exclusive look inside the lives of this powerful, well respected and admired Latino celebrity family!

It is the leading resource and agency of the most important beauty contests in the world by bringing latinas who showed the beauty of Latinoamerica. Our magazine is the only one in the market covering and bringing content about this contests and the impact of our participants around the world. With this the magazine has become an icon in the Latino Women industry.

Since its launch MY Lifestyle Magazine has been printed exclusive content about fashion, health, beauty, entertainment, travel, and, everything related with New York City lifestyle. It’s high-quality and ready for consumption.

MY Lifestyle Magazine has being recognized as the main bicultural media outlet, with features on fashion, health, beauty, entertainment and more. The publication also covers exclusive events including the Billboards, Latin Grammys, Oscars, and the Super Bowl.


MY LifeStyle magazine has 20 thousand unique visits in their website and more of 30 thousand followers in social media, with an anglo latino market.

Our magazine is designed for educated, cosmopolitan Latinos (men and women) with international interests, who are also bilingual (English and Spanish languages). But we are not a magazine exclusively for Latinos. We have a substantial International following and, for this reason, 75% of our content is English-language driven.


We have national distribution in Los Angeles and Miami and international in Cali, Colombia (a major fashion capital in South America).

Our content is trusted and unique and is the voice of the latino women around the world. It is about latinos influential throughout beauty, health, fashion, arts and culture.


Elizabeth Ortiz is the President and CEO of MY Lifestyle Magazine, the top boutique magazine for multicultural readers. The magazine is headquartered in New York City and distributed around the U.S. and other Latin American countries.

Ortiz hails from Colombia and upon arriving in the U.S, immediately pursued higher education at Hunter College studying English and Theater.

She went on to Baruch College to study Marketing and Media/Communication, and later earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration.

She has a passion for business, and has been involved in marketing strategy, branding, promotion, events and real estate. In addition, Ortiz is a TV contributor at Acceso Total on Telemundo 47-New York.

She created The Fashion and Design Chamber of Commerce in order to support upcoming designers around the world.

As a strong believer in education and its impact to change the world, Elizabeth belongs to Latino Youth For Higher Education (LYHEP). This organization supports low income students, especially those of Latin origin and those new to the States.

She got a nomination as the National Director for North, Central and South America for the Miss Heritage International Beauty Pageant in South Africa. In this role, she’s created the opportunity for women in modeling, fashion, beauty pageants, as it provides an international platform to showcase their talents. Now her magazine is bringing and supporting beauty contests around the world.

Elizabeth Ortiz is also a contributor and supporter of  Latinas en New York community support platform.


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