Daniel Fetecua Productions invites you to the FIRST EDITION OF LATITUDES DANCE FESTIVAL NYC, an exciting and brand-new NYC based platform that promotes and presents Latino American companies and choreographers from around the world.  The festival is conceived and produced by Daniel Fetecua and it will bring participants from Colombia, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US.

LATITUDES DANCE FESTIVAL NYC takes place from Monday,  November 5th to Thursday, November 8th,  at The Flamboyant theater  at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center. The festival is part of the Borimix Festival, a month long, city-wide festival of Puerto Rican Artists working in film, theatre, poetry, dance, music and the visual arts, and Colombia is the guest country this year.


This year they have the honor to have stunning companies and choreographers such as Teatro El Grupo (Medellin, Colombia) and the legendary master Daystar/Rosalie Jones ( Pembina Chippewa, USA.).

The OPENING would be on Monday, November 5th at 7pm with a Cocktail Reception (RSVP) following up at 8pm with our first performances:  Olga Barrios (Colombia/Canada) with “Petunia”Norma Araiza (Mexico/Canada) with “Taking by the Skinny” and Teatro El Grupo (Medellín/Colombia) with “Alice in Wonderland” .

On Tuesday, November 6th at 8pm, we will showcase Olga Barrios(Colombia/Canada) with “Petunia”, D-Moves Dance Project, DanielFetecua(Colombia/NYC) with “Memory Bites” and Teatro El Grupo(Medellin/Colombia) with “Alice in Wonderland”.

On Wednesday, November 7th at 8pm, we will have an evening curated by Daystar: Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian America, Artistic Director Rosalie Jones. This day we will have Daniel Fetecua (Colombia) with “Pacha Mama”Norma Araiza (Mexico) with “Meec” (The moon), Daystar/Rosalie Jones (Pembina Chippewa, USA) with “WOLF: A Transformation”  danced by Daniel Fetecua and “Dancing the Four Directions” and a Menominee community dance led by Daystar/Rosalie Jones with “The River Dance”. The night will close with Live drumming!

For our CLOSING NIGHT, on Thursday, November 8th at 8pm, we will haveConnecticut Theater Dance Company with its choreographers Rodney Rivera (USA/Puerto Rico) and his dance “Sabor Caribe”, and Alejandro Ulloa(Nicaragua) and the choreography “Interlude”José Limon’s  choreography “Chaconne” (Mexico/NYC) danced by Daniel Fetecua,  Thomas Ortiz Dance (Puerto Rico-USA) with “Frayed Ends”and Teatro El Grupo(Medellín/Colombia) with “Amores Prohibidos”.


Memory Bites: 
*Concept and Choreography: Daniel Fetecua
*Concept and Script:Matteo Rini
*Performers: Megan Minturnand Daniel Fetecua
*Music: Nathan Kolosko (selections from “Hungarian Trio”), Laura del Sol Jimenez (flute) Molly Aronson (Cello), Nilko Andreas (Guitar and Musical direction).


*Choreography by Jose Limon Performed by Daniel Fetecuawith live music by Nilko Andreas on Guitar
*Music: Chaconne from Violin partita no. 2 in D minor by J.S. Bach arr. Nilko Andreas


Event: Latitudes Dance Festival NYC
Place: Flamboyant Theater at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center (107 Suffolk St. New York NY 10002)
Dates: November 5th – 8th, 2018

Sandra Escallón
Sandra Escallón

Sandra Escallón is an award-winning bilingual journalist based in New York City. She is passionate about the arts, culture, social and environmental issues. She has experience as a writer, journalist, digital producer, and reporter. Sandra wants to make a difference in the world by focusing on the importance of art and cultural events and highlighting the beauty behind every person and culture. For Sandra, believing in her dreams, listening to her heart, God and love are the key to overcome any obstacle.

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