Painting banned of Donald Trump naked with mini-genitals

Several U.S. art galleries have refused to exhibit artist Illma Gore’s painting of controversial magnate and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, whom she portrays naked with tiny genitals.

But the painting, in which Trump is seen with his arms resting on one knee, will get a showing within two weeks at Britain’s Maddox Gallery in London’s exclusive Mayfair district, the Los Angeles-based artist.

“It seems odd to me that with all the freedom of expression in the United States, I have to go to London to show my art,” the young Australian-American artist, known for her feminist creations and street-art events, said.

The work is priced at almost $1.4 million (1.2 million euros) and Trump’s campaign slogan is its name: “Make America Great Again.”

Trump appears in the painting with his signature blonde hair, making one of his well-known funny faces, his arms resting on one leg and with a small penis, which has been the object of much controversy, anger and jokes on social networks.

Representing the tough New York magnate with small genitals was supposed to “start a debate about gender and about why society gives so much importance to what someone has inside his pants,” Illma Gore.

“You can basically be a bad person no matter what’s in you pants. Your genitals don’t define what kind of person you are, nor your power, nor your intelligence,” she said.

When asked, the artist did not wish to name the U.S. galleries that refused to exhibit her work.

“I don’t want to name the galleries because I don’t want to put them on the line of fire.

They did it more for their security and because Donald Trump is taking legal action and is also inciting violence against all who don’t support him,” Illma Gore said, adding that she herself has received threats as a consequence.

The artist said the content of her painting has been banned on social networks Twitter and Facebook, nor can the picture be sold on the e-commerce platform eBay.

The controversial real estate magnate, known for his belligerent remarks, has sought to display during the race for the White House the image of a strong leader who wants to build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and to deport every single undocumented immigrant currently living in this country.

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