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What Time You Eat If You're Trying to Lose Weight?

Should you sync your watch and plate? We asked the experts to weigh in.


Causes more accidents than texting and driving. Although injuries from texting and driving are usually more serious, injuries from texting and walking occur more often.

El precio de un buen escote

"Nuevas prótesis y cirugías menos invasivas"

Como regalo de cumpleaños de 15, a los 35 o a los 50 años, cada vez más mujeres quieren tener un aumento de busto, que sean grandes, turgentes, sensuales.

Miracles, marvels and coincidences

These incredible stories inspired us,

made us shake our heads in near disbelief, and proved once again that amazing things really do happen.

Move it

Study after study shows

that sitting down all day is bad for us. But for most of us, that’s the reality of work. Walking desks are designed to help, so RD’s Donyale Harrison tried one out.

Thin People May Naturally

Burn More Calories

A new study links being genetically lean to more-efficient calorie burning during exercise.

Sexual Coercion:

The Last Thing Men Will Talk About

Nearly half of young men reported being the victim of sexual coercion in a new study, showing that despite popular beliefs, men can also be the targets of abuse.

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