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MY Lifestyle Magazine is fashion, health, beauty, entertainment, travel, and, of course, New York City lifestyle. It’s high-quality and ready for consumption.

Our magazine is designed for educated, cosmopolitan Latinos (men and women) in NYC, with international interests, who are also bilingual (English and Spanish languages). But we are not a magazine exclusively for Latinos. We have a substantial International following and, for this reason, 75% of our content is English-language driven.

We welcome readers of all races and cultures to enjoy what our product has to offer.


  • We are a bi-monthly, regional, New York City-centric publication
  • We are a part of LS Creative Group, a full-service, Latino-owned creative services agency and network of professionals.
  • We have MyLifestyle.us– our interactive component. Our readers will find exclusive, multimedia content that delves into a topic covered in the latest issue, or material that is simply fresh and different. The website contains staff blogs, social media updates (@mylifestylemag on twitter // MY Lifestlye page on facebook), guest/celebrity bloggers, playlists, reader polls, and other giveaways. mylifestyle.us gives readers the opportunity to weigh in on the latest (or previous) content
  • Both the magazine and the website are to readers/viewers


Our long-term, 10-year goal is to become an icon in both the fashion and magazine industries

Here is what we intend to accomplish now:

National distribution/presence in similar markets (i.e. Los Angeles, Miami)
Full, international distribution/presence in Cali, Colombia (a major fashion capital in South America)
Distribution/presence in similar international markets (Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, etc.)

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