11 Artists We Would Love to See Win a Moonman Award

The VMA nominees are finally in for 2016 and Beyonce already leads with 11 nominations while Adele comes in second for eight awards, but will the queens take all the Moonman trophies home? As MTV’s Video Music Awards prepares for August 28th, you probably can’t wait to see your favorite stars win in their nominated categories. While every artist nominated is talented (without a doubt), here’s a list of those we would love to see win a Moonman Award. Get ready to vote for your favorite videos!


We can’t leave out Beyoncé from our list of favorite nominated artists. She slayed when she released her sixth studio album Lemonade, which received positive acclaim from music critics who described it as, “her most emotionally extreme music, but also her most sonically adventurous,” (Rolling Stone) and, “her boldest, most ambitious, best album to date” (Entertainment Weekly). Beyoncé leads with 11 nominations this year.


Here’s an artist we can definitely see rockin’ the MTV Video Music Awards. Sia is talented and adds a unique touch to all of her performances. During an interview with Nightline entertainment reporter Chris Connelly, Sia explained why she chooses to keep her face hidden from the audience stating, “I don’t want to be famous, or recognizable. I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet.” An artist who wants to be critiqued on her creativity rather than her physical appearance is refreshing.

Calvin Harris

Amidst all the Taylor Swift drama, this year’s VMA’s (not including T-Swift) will be pretty interesting to watch. If Calvin Harris wins an award for “This is What You Came For,” he might use the platform to recite a few words to his ex flame. All drama aside, this song is really catchy and the video is too good to miss out on. Calvin Harris is also nominated for Best Electronic Video with “How Deep Is Your Love.”

Fifth Harmony

These ladies are on fire and every song is catchy enough to make you dance! Fifth Harmony’s music video “Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign is nominated for The Best Collaboration. It’s hard not to watch the video and listen to this song more than once every day.

Chance The Rapper

Angels ft. Saba is one of those feel-good songs you can listen to on repeat without getting sick of it. The song is meaningful, and uplifting. Even watching the music video will make you smile.


We’re talking about the best music video, right? While it was very hard choosing between FOB and Demi’s killer vocals, Brendon Urie’s irresistible facial expressions, and even All Time Low’s heartwarming song “Missing You,” Coldplay just takes the cake. Dancing, singing apes? Yes, this is exactly the Planet of The Apes scenery we were waiting for. Coldplay is also nominated for Best Direction with “Up&Up”

99 Souls

We love some great electronic music with a video that finally doesn’t include only dancing extras and one wild party. The Girl is Mine Ft. Destiny’s Child & Brandy brings back that 90’s vibe we all loved blasting our radios to.

Lukas Graham

If you haven’t heard of Lukas Graham yet, here’s a song you can listen to by this very talented pop-soul band. To watch them win a Moonman award for Best New Artist would be amazing! What do you think?

David Bowie

Long live legendary pop artist David Bowie! “Lazarus” is nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Direction, and Best Editing. To see this music video take home an award for either one of these categories would make our night. Lazarus was reported to have been a farewell gift to all of Bowie’s fans two days before his death on January 10th of this year. Bowie’s “Blackstar” is also nominated for Best Art Direction.


Adele came back into the music scene stronger than ever. “Hello” which has 7 nominations, was positively reviewed by critics and described as a, “class act, an old fashioned ballad that never hurries, never overdoes it, but delivers the raw, honest feeling that has made Adele a superstar” (The Telegraph UK).  How can we forget all the funny memes and parodies that came along with the music video as well? If you need some reminding, this article published by Entertainment Weekly, can help refresh your memory. Either way, we all enjoyed Adele’s beautiful comeback. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” is also nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Missy Elliott

The beat, the style, and the ‘supa dupa fly’ dance moves in Missy Elliot’s music video WTF (Where They From) ft Pharrell Williams proves she’s still the queen of hip-hop. The video is nominated for Best Choreography, and with good reason. Take a look at it for yourself and tell us what you think.

To view the full list of all VMA nominees, visit www.mtv.com

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