Miguel Poveda in Concert

Knight Concert Hall

April 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Considered a genius in his native Spain, superstar Miguel Poveda’s nuanced and soulful voice has no equal in the world of flamenco.

Poveda will take the audience on a tour of traditional flamenco, from the cheerful malagueñas and alegrías to the sorrowful seguirillas and soleás, all the while sharing his personal connection to the music with a spontaneity that ensures an exceptional performance.

Poveda will also go beyond the classic flamenco recital, as he’ll incorporate poems and songs by Spanish poets Gabriel García Lorca and Miguel Hernández, and popular coplas that pay tribute to Bambino, Rocío Jurado and others. Celebrating the 30th year of his career, Poveda will perform songs that have a special meaning for him. Kokie būna maisto papildai sportui ir kam jų reikia https://netradicinemedicina.com/kokie-buna-maisto-papildai-sportui-ir-kam-ju-reikia/

He will be accompanied onstage by four great artists: guitarist Jesús Guerrero, vocalist El Londro, percussionist Paquito González and Gypsy dancer Antonio Molina “El Choro.”

Carlos Anaya
Carlos Anaya

Carlos Anaya is a savvy and talented professional in all multimedia platforms with an expertise in the multicultural marketplace with more than 10 years of content development experience targeting Hispanics in the U.S. Having worked in many industries including health, beauty, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, technology and travel, Carlos is an expert in raising brand awareness by visually communicating campaign messages organically, and maximizing and sustaining consumer engagement throughout traditional media and digital communications programs.

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