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Get the popcorn ready! 

 Nuestro cine is back!

Secure your tickets now and do not miss the biggest festival of Colombian cinema in the world!

April 28th- May 1st

Here is the documentary selection


The Devil Takes You / Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

Te lleva el Diablo / Colombia/ Opening night (Director David Covo) The Gaita is an indigenous flute from the Colombian Caribbean, from which the most representative rhythms of the region are born. The Gaiteros of San Jacinto for generations has guided this tradition. An honest and heartfelt tribute to these great musicians in their twilight.

Between Fire and Water

Between Fire and Water / Colombia (Directors Viviana Gómez Echeverry & Anton Wenzel) Camilo is the adopted son of an indigenous couple of the Quillasinga tribe. As the only black man in his community, he has always felt different. Now he embarks on a spiritual journey in search of his origins.

On the Other Side 

On the Other Side /Colombia (Director Iván Guarnizo) Although after the peace agreements the war between the FARC and the Colombian state seemed to be over, the situation is far from stable. In this complex political climate, my brother and I begin to research the kidnapping of our mom. When we find the diary she was allowed to write during her captivity, we discover an almost mother/child relationship she had with her captor. Now that most of them have surrendered their weapons and are trying to begin a new life, we set to find him and maybe speak about that dark time in our lives.


Álvaro / Colombia (Director José Alejandro González) In search of adventure and fleeing from himself, Álvaro (70) arrived in the United States from Colombia 45 years ago. Instead of escaping his demons, however, New York provided ways to bring him face to face with them, dragging him into a life of raw extremes and uncertainties. Recently separated from Doris, his only true love, Álvaro finds himself alone in his small Harlem apartment and decides to return to Colombia to try to reunite with his estranged family. ‘Álvaro’ is an intimate portrait that exposes the unhealed wounds of loneliness and uprooting, but also the strength of a man who refused to give up.

A Balad for Dead Children

Balada para niños muertos / Colombia (Director Jorge Navas) 

For a long time in Colombia the figure of Andrés Caicedo, partly mythologized by his suicide, aroused much more interest in the artist than in his work.

These are some of the titles of this edition. To learn more about our full Selection, click here.

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