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Better than ever.

The automobile world has always been led primarily by men . That, not only Includes the manufacturing of cars, but also journalists writing about cars. So why am I, a women, invited to the unveiling of the new Ford Explorer? All I know about cars is how to pull up to the gas station and have somebody pump my gas. I don’t know how to change a tire. I definitely do not know how to change the oil. What I do know is what I need in the interior of my car to make sure my child is safe, protected and comfortable. And in reality, that’s all most mothers need to know about a car. How does it handle in the snow. How many cup holders does it have. How many USB ports there are so we can connect all the different devices allowing our children to get along in the backseat. This is what is important to mothers.

I’m sure many of us can relate to the screaming and fighting in the backseat because the siblings have to share one device. Remember the smell of rotten milk from bottles and sippy cups spilling over? Well, if you are looking for a new car, look no longer. The new Ford Explorer is here! With everything you need!

The 2020 Explorer has a been completely redesigned. It now features the broadest model lineup ever, more power and space, and smart new technologies to help tackle life’s adventures. It has improved off-road capability, courtesy of intelligent four-wheel drive and an available new Terrain Management System™ that features seven different, easy-to-engage drive modes. I like the ability to push a button to change drive modes instead of trying to figure out how to change them.

The 10.1 digital touch screen is awesome. It’s like having an ipad on the middle of your dashboard. Because it is bigger, you see things more clearly. That’s a plus for me. I don’t need glasses for driving, but now, I do need them for reading. That size touch screen on your dash is genius!

Have you ever heard the shriek of your child from the back seat? Sending your heart into an immediate halt thinking they are hurt? Only to find out they ran out of battery. For them, a road trip without their phone is worse than torture. A wireless charging pad is available that allows to recharge compatible mobile devices, and up to four USB ports, including new type-C outlets, charge next-generation mobile devices. Up to three 12-volt outlets and a 110-volt outlet are also available. This will aid in keeping everyone happy or at least charged.

Another feature I love is the SyncConnect™. Download the app to your smartphone and control your vehicle from your fingertips. Open doors from anywhere. If you lock yourself out of the car as I have often done, you can easily unlock through your phone. Locate your vehicle ! Yes! I can never remember where I parked, so this is extra special for me. Check fluids and monitor key diagnostics of your vehicle from your phone. This is helpful so hubby can take care of those fluids. Remote start your car from the convenience of your warm house and have it start warming up on those frigid, snowy winter days. I hate getting into a cold car and freezing while it warms up.

The new Ford Explorer has Wi-Fi service for up to 10 devices, This capability will allow kids to easily watch movies, play games or listen to their own music. This feature is great because my 14 year old son does not want to listen to my music and I definitely don’t want to hear his. I am starting to believe his AirPods have been surgically implanted in his ears. I haven’t seen his naked ears in months!

Often, when driving on a highway, I get hypnotized by the highway lines and the sound of the tires. I don’t crash because somehow I am aware of the external events around me, but I am not aware of my speed. Explorer is available with Ford’s all-new Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Speed Sign Recognition. It uses cameras to recognize the speed signs and alerts if I am driving above the speed limit. Wow! I think they created this vehicle with me in mind. In addition, it automatically slows down when there is traffic ahead. This helps in avoiding a rear end collision.

Some amazing safety technologies that comes standard with Ford Co-Pilot360™ a suite of driver-assist technologies include;

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Breaking which includes Pedestrian Detection

Forward Collision Warning and Dynamic Brake Support

Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert

Lane-Keeping SystemRearview camera with built-in lens cleaner

Auto headlamps with auto high beams

Evasive Steering Assist, which provides steering support to help avoid a collision

Post-Impact Braking provides braking after a collision to lessen injury and damage caused by a secondary crash event.

Lastly, the Explorer’s stylish, sloped-roof silhouette protects rear-seat headroom, while its comfort-enhanced second-row seats slide to fit a third row. This is a great family SUV. They really thought of everything a family needs.

Sandra Bertola
Sandra Bertola

Journalist/ reporter (Inglés)

Sandra Bertola began her journalistic career in New York City. Being of Colombian-Italian descent, she desired to disseminate the news in her native tongue to the Latin community. She received her B.A. in Media Communications from Hunter College and studied journalism at New York University. The first few years in her career she reported hard news for a Spanish Network and eventually, made her way into entertainment news. She produced and anchored “Que Pasa NYC”, a magazine type television show highlighting the trends in NY. After 10 years in broadcast, Sandra gave up her career to become a stay at home mom. After a few years, missing her profession, she helped guide and produce a kids show at KiDz Hub Media Network. Now, she is happy to join the team of My Lifestyle Magazine and return to her first love, her passion, , journalism!

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