The Chapultepec´s Forest located on Mexico’s city is very popular with Mexicans and tourists from all over the world, throughout the week. As a historical fact, the word Chapultepec has a Nahuatl origin that means “hill of grasshoppers”.

“More than 5 attractions, such as Museums and Lakes to visit”

The first reason to visit  The Chapultepec´s Forest it is because is free and has a wide opening hours from Monday to Sunday from 5am to 8pm, and also has other attractions within the park with different prices except for Sunday that are free with a volunteer fee, you can visit the Zoo, Chapultepec Castle, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Modern Art, the Chapultepec Forest, as well as 3 lakes, In addition to visiting the botanical garden, which is free and open all day, and then move on to visit to the zoo animals. Also you can not leave without getting on the train tour for children and adults, with a duration of 25 minutes for 2 dollars, an unforgettable experience. And on Sundays, you can enter the Museums for free, except holidays. You can rent a boat on the shore of the lake and move it with pedals.

“You can eat Mexican snacks and buy some souvenirs”

The second reason is because you can enjoy a Mexican characteristic snack and along the way to reach Chapultepec Castle, you can take the characteristic photo on a porcelain horse, or enjoy some Mexican appetizer, known as hard corn with cabbage , cream, chili and avocado with a cost of 2 dollars, or to take a Tehuacan, which is mineral water, chili powder, lemon and salt, eat some mango or lemon carafe ice cream or buy some souvenirs, while enjoying a pink, blue or yellow cotton candy for only 1 dollar.

“You can get a tour on train”

The third reason is because you can have fun to on board of the Chapultepec’s train with a cost of 2 dollars and other performing various sports such as athletics, cycling or boating with pedals. During the mornings there are people running and training around this park or enjoying a bike ride because right there in the forest are rented. Sundays because they are relatives are the busiest in the forest. Go ahead and have an unforgettable experience with your family and friends in this great forest!

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