5 Products You Need Right Now!

Sharing is caring right? Check out 5 products I can’t believe I’ve gone without until now!

1. Leg Makeup by Sally Hansen

Yes, you read that correctly—leg makeup! With warmer weather creepin’ in—we want to show off a little leg but what’s the one thing that stops us other than the annoying fact we don’t live in Europe and can’t let our hair grow out? The fact we no longer have the tan legs we did the last time we wore these pieces. My favorite solution is leg makeup from Sally Hansen! Just apply to newly showered legs, wait 2-3 minutes for it to dry, apply your favorite lotion—wait another 2-3 minutes and you’re on your way! It doesn’t stain clothing or rub off on anything you touch. It will only come off in the shower after scrubbing.

2. Tinted Moisturizer by Eve Lom

Growing up I had acne which later turned into blemishes and going outside without foundation was a huge no, no. Whether it was a quick trip to the super market or going to a picnic in 80-degree weather, I was layering it on. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing that wearing heavy foundation all the time is clogging my pores and ultimately making my skin worse. I have found a product sent from the beauty Gods! Eve Lom makes a beautiful light tinted moisturizer that gives you coverage and an incredible glow. This is definitely a product to wear during the day and on the hotter nights.

3. Zoya Fast Drops

It’s always a great feeling getting your nails done but who has the time and money for weekly mani/pedis?! If you’re like me—once I see a chip on my nail, I like to re do them myself but waiting for them to dry is nearly impossible. You get impatient and try to do something and you smudge your nail. Zoya fast drops or as I like to call them,” magic drops,” dry your nails super fast! Just add a few drops to each finger and within minutes you can go back to doing whatever it was that you were doing before painting your nails.

4. Raw Coconut Oil

If you haven’t already jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon, you need to. My favorite use of coconut oil is a hair mask. I am constantly applying heat to my hair and after a week of curling and straightening—I want to give my hair a break. I apply coconut oil all over my hair (staring at the ends) and style into a high pun or slick back pony tail. The best part is when I wash it out—my hair smells great and looks less damaged!

5. Life’s a Beach Shower Scrub by Lush

We take such good care of our hair, teeth and nails but sometimes we totally forget about our skin! When my skin is feeling a little rough I like to use Life’s a Beach Shower Scrub by Lush. It smells great and leaves my skin baby soft!

5 products

Laura Valencia

Laura Valencia is a makeup enthusiast with a nag for beauty hacks! From figuring out “how to” keep your lipstick on all day to multiple uses for simple products, Laura has the answers! She currently works at a women’s lifestyle media company in New York City but enjoys sharing all her beauty tips with readers! She is currently in the process of starting her personal beauty blog along with makeup tutorials. Stay tuned!

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