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The power of beauty by “Niss Makeup”

The power of the eyes in advance of beauty is essential to freedom of the implicit desire of the eye for control and power as it was in the world of physical sensations, and the world of beauty as brings a delicate anticipation these means for every woman to have a well-supplemented makeup bag.

Makeup is my profession, but teaching it with a purpose, my passion. True beauty comes from culture and beliefs, and although it means many things to different people. It should never be a form of validation. I enjoy teaching step by step, instructing women to put on makeup and feel more confident with themselves and help them achieve what they set out to do

I find that the eyes are the most critical feature in a woman. As said so gracefully by Audrey Hepburn, “the beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, in consequence, that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love and passion resides. 

So my philosophy about how wrong is that who said you had to wear pounds of makeup to look your best? is accurate; that is right Nataly!. Niss Karim says to me, and I respond to her mascara is by far the essential weapon in my arsenal.

who is NISS KARIM she is the power of beauty behind the Latina’s eye.

Is one of the most outstanding professionals certified in makeup and aesthetics in the United States with a unique teaching methodology in the world of self-makeup and beauty, which helps thousands of women in the world to have greater security and confidence in themselves.

The talented Venezuelan of Lebanese descent has built a successful path to recognition with her face-to-face and online courses, which aim to enhance the beauty of women.

Latin women feel their inner outward appearance. Lessons in beauty are a family task of legacy- the secrets and deems are taught to them at a young age by their grandmothers, mothers, older sisters and even siblings.

Latin culture is powerfully influenced by the apprehending and understanding of femininity and looking your best. Latinas women explore that taking care of themselves and their loved ones is beauty above beauty. It’s just more erudite than just a pretty face. There Is about the essence of the woman over the face. 

¡Que viva la tradicion! Our grandmothers taught us at a very young age that a woman must never leave home without fixing herself up. From powdering her nose to applying a little mascara, my mother also showed the importance of makeup. They both continue these rituals; because beauty is ageless and is essential for all stages of life. “cherishing beauty is timeless”.

Within her experiences, in addition to graduating from the prestigious Celebrity School of Beauty in Miami, she has had the opportunity to learn from significant international figures of professional makeup such as Mario Dedivanovic, Helder Marucci and Tati Bueno. With approximately 700 face-to-face classes in 2019 and more than 5000 online classes, she has managed to reach various corners of the world and form a community of empowered women. Niss Karim, leader of auto makeup, shares how she achieved success reinventing herself in this pandemic; under challenging times there is also the opportunity to reinvent yourself, adapt to change and see solutions that help others to motivate themselves day by day. These are how Niss Makeup decided to develop a step-by-step online self-makeup course, with a unique teaching methodology of its kind, to reach all those women who want to enhance their security and confidence. To know details of her auto makeup course and To learn more about @NissMakeup, go to

During these months of uncertainty and mandatory quarantine, people have found a motivation to invest in themselves and enhance self-esteem, taking advantage of the extra time at home. In this way, her online positioning, although unexpected, was immediate, achieving the registration of more than 5,000 people from different parts of the world so far this year attracted by this entrepreneurial woman who invites them to empower themselves and move forward in these moments of crisis.

Taking care of ourselves inside and out is the most natural way of looking and feeling juvenile. Beauty is more than just skin deep. So she invites us to open our eyes to fabulous! from rocking the runways to the everyday working woman because natural beauty has taken the stage. Just to you know beauty has no rules, restrictions or boundaries no more. “the true natural beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul. it is bold, acuate and outspoken”. Furthermore, beauty is smart, charismatic, stylish, sexy and confident. Just be you and have fun with it.

The innate perseverance of this talented Venezuelan makeup artist with Lebanese descent has always been present. But to form the great international community that it has today, it has come a long way. Among her next projects is to create her line of beauty products, with high quality and innovation.

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Nataly Yabur
Nataly Yabur

She is a fashion designer who work with wardrobe stylist selecting the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. She is part of the creative team of My Lifestyle magazine and the same time she have assembled, collaborating group of people who working with the fashion designer, photographer/director, and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project by the client

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