Actress Jennifer Lawrence Casted as Jazz Age Celebrity Zelda Fitzgerald In New Ron Howard Film

It comes to no surprise that the talented Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, has landed the role of Zelda Fitzgerald in director Ron Howards new Biopic, Zelda.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the film will focus on Fitzgerald’s desperation “to define herself through her own art, the film explores the question: can love exist between creative equals?” For those who aren’t aware of this beauty’s troubling past, author F. Scott Fitzgerald was in fact her husband, the “creative equal” Howard and his team will likely use to narrate her story.

Fitzgerald’s marriage was filled with mutual infidelity, jealousy, and alcoholism: main factors that contributed to the failure of the couple’s creative endeavor’s. She was her husband’s muse, and the inspiration for characters in his novels like Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. However, he also used excerpts from her personal diary in his stories, which may have caused resentment in his wife, who strongly desired to establish herself independently through her own accomplishments.

Fitzgerald was overshadowed by her husband’s rise in fame as a successful writer, and her talent deserved more recognition. She suffered years of mental illness, and the married couple battled depression after their collaborative novel failed, leaving them in debt. Upon being diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Fitzgerald entered a clinic where she freely expressed herself through art and writing.

Lawrence is the perfect fit for this challenging role and she’s great at capturing the true essence of a character’s inner struggles. Former Lionsgate executive Alison Shearmur will join as producer of the project, alongside Lawrence, Justine Ciarrocchi, and Brian Oliver.

Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie

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