How can hospitality Internships in the USA Benefit Young Hispanic?

It has usually been said that internships do not lead to a full-time job or are not worth your time. No matter how you view your situation, an internship opportunity will likely enrich your professional career in many ways!

As such, for Hispanics who sometimes struggle to land their dream job, a hospitality internship can be what helps bridge the gap! Below are a couple of benefits that come along with a US internship.

1. Building Your Resume

With any job, the resume you present to the hiring staff is going to determine if you are even considered for an interview, and any resume that lacks job experience is weak. Bear in mind that unpaid internships are considered as work experience. This work experience allows you to refer to instances you encountered during the time spent interning to demonstrate your working knowledge and skills for the position. This valuable work experience simply cannot be replaced, and lacking this component can be detrimental to your resume.

2. Boost Your Chances for Hire!

Your internship is an opportunity to show your skills and your enhanced work ethic to your supervisor, who could potentially be the person who will assess your performance for a future permanent hiring decision. If you do the bare minimum during an internship, the employer will not be interested in investing in you as a permanent member of their team.

While we’ve already established how an internship provides work experience to enhance your resume, your chances of being hired can be increased with an open discussion with your supervisor to establish your intentions for the position. Even if your supervisor categorically determines that permanent employment is not an option, you are still networking by showing that initiative and your interest in your next career change.

How to Obtain an Internship

There are numerous resources to assist in obtaining virtual internship opportunities! Just like with a traditional in-person position, it is beneficial to evaluate your job/intern search skills through services at career centers or reviewing career guide resources, such as those that can be found on University or College websites. These same skills and advice translate well from traditional positions to virtual opportunities!

Lastly, while hospitality internships can be plentiful, finding a position in a well-known brand can be somewhat of a challenge without the right help. In an industry like hospitality, having a recognizable brand on your CV can launch your career further than you could ever imagine!

However, while many Hospitality educational institutions help their students find internships, this help is not usually a guaranteed success. However, some institutions do ensure that students graduate work-ready with a well-founded practical experience. Hospitality Academy, for instance, is an international hospitality school with campuses across three different continents including Europe Spain, the USA Miami, and South Africa. Hospitality Academy offers diverse professionally accredited hospitality programs including Bachelor’s, MBA, Master’s, and various continuing education programs.

With a mission to equip modern hospitality students with practice and theory, the school has
partnered with the most luxurious hotels such as Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Fontainebleau, etc,
and Michelin-starred restaurants including Jean-Georges restaurants in the USA and Europe to
offer 100% guaranteed internships and jobs for students during and after their studies.
Even better, the school has an entire department that is aimed at providing visa support for a
smooth emigration journey to either Spain or the USA, depending on the desired destination of the student.

You can browse through the various programs at
Alternatively, get in touch by sending an email to

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