Japanese singer Mayu Tomita stabbed by fan multiple times after rejecting gift

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A 20-year-old Japanese singer is in critical condition after being stabbed 20 times by a fan who harassed and then attacked her for not accepting his gift, local media reported Monday.

Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27, admitted to attacking Mayu Tomita with a knife on Saturday, when she was going to perform in a concert in Koganei neighborhood, west of Tokyo.

The singer, composer and actress had earlier informed police that Iwazaki, a college student, was harassing her on Twitter by sending nearly 400 messages, Japanese newspaper Asahi reported.

According to the account given by Iwazaki, who will be charged with attempted murder, Tomita rejected a watch that he had sent as a gift, triggering the attack.

Tomita, who is also a university student, is currently in a critical condition due to wounds she suffered on her “neck and other parts of the body,” Asahi reported.

The attack has had a major impact in Japan where a similar incident occurred in 2014 when two singers of the successful female pop group AKB48 were attacked by a fan with a handsaw

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