La película ‘No Dormirás’ en el Tribeca Film Festival 2018

En la alfombra roja de la película de terror “No Dormirás” del director uruguayo Gustavo Hernández. Uno de los filmes que representan a Latinoamérica en el Tribeca Film Festival. El director y los productores hablaron con nosotros sobre está película donde el teatro y el cine se unen.

Sandra Escallón
Sandra Escallón

Sandra Escallón is a creative professional in the communication field with experience in social media, integrate marketing communication, event planning, blogs, broadcast and journalism. Sandra is passionate about arts, entertainment, culture (Latin culture) and social issues. She is bilingual and have great communication, teamwork and technical skills. Sandra wants to make a difference in the world by focusing in the importance of art and cultural events. She has excellent written and verbal skills.

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