Mayan secrets, for today’s modern beauty

After twenty-seven years in the beauty industry, I decided to go nback to my starting point, my passion and what I truly love. Here is where my story begins. I decided to get my cosmetology license so that I could support myself through college, little did I know that this was the beginning of my career in cosmetics. My first job was at the Estee Lauder spa in Bloomingdales. Working for the Estee lauder spa, was a dream come true. This was where I learned the tools of the trade, product knowledge, facial techniques and the introduction of luxury products. I was addicted to the industry.

Once I finished college I excelled and was quickly promoted to be a cosmetic executive at Bloomingdales 59th street. As my corporate career grew, I was fortunate to work for Elizabeth Arden, Bliss spa, L’Occitane USA and Crabtree & Evelyn.

After being in corporate sales for twenty plus years I pivoted my career to cosmetic manufacturing. This was a whole new world for me, I immediately noticed that there was a group of consumers that were an afterthought in the industry, Latina women in their 40s that were eager to find products to suit their skin type. Many Latinas like myself come from a mixed background, and its not easy to find products that target discoloration, sun sensitivity, large pores as well as taking care of your skin after a visit to your plastic surgeon. Studies have proven that Latina women spend double the average per month than non-Latina women in beauty and skincare products. Beauty and personal care are highly important, as we are raised to care for our skin and always look our best.

My ethnic background is Salvadorian, Central American. Although I am of a mixed ethnicity, my Mayan roots are present in everything I do, finding skincare that delivers results with plant ingredients such as Aloe, chamomile, squalane, and bakuchiol. Did you know Mayans considered Aloe Vera the immortality plant? Mayans also practiced purification rituals that included fasting, bathing, detoxing and incense burning. How do we navigate in this modern world without forgetting where we come from, let me show you how with TZOL’SKIN”

– Yasmina Harrison



Instagram: @tzolskin

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