Miss Heritage Global Haiti 2022 in South Africa

My Lifestyle Magazine and Agency is proud to announce that Abigail Pierre Louis will represent the country of Haiti at the Miss Heritage Global set for September 24th, 2022. The event will take place at the Kalahari Waterfront in Limpopo, South Africa.

Abigail Pierre, with roots lying in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, will compete for the international title of Miss Heritage Global 2022. Her family emigrated from Haiti to the United States. She was the first of her generation to graduate from college in the States, receiving a degree in International Marketing and a minor in Spanish, a multicultural certificate from the University of Missouri, and a business strategy certificate from Cornell University.

Abigail has always been involved in her local community as well as volunteer organizations like Youth United Way and HOHAYE (Hope for American and Haitian Youth and Elderly). She is proud of her  Haitian culture and her impact has been felt since she was a young girl and now with her podcast, called “The Homegirl Hustlers” which is a platform that guides any “hard worker” to pursue their passion without limits. While running a Digital Marketing Agency “Boost Your Brand” Abigail has been driven to assist her hometown in Haiti citizens to become entrepreneurs regardless of their outside factors and obstacles.

Miss Abigail Pierre Louis will be sponsored by Sendwave, an application that safely and quickly sends money from North America and Europe to numerous countries across Africa and Asia.

Made it possible by: 

My Lifesyle Magazine &Agency in partnership with Jabalí Private Aviation and Creative Affairs NYC.

-Stylist Maritza Boudoir

-Make Up Patrica Canvas

-Designer Hermilia Yves

-Designer Phelicia Dell

-Designer Richard Petit, Papillon Designs

-Designer Dayanne Danier, Bien Abye

-Luggage BVstylez 

-Trainer HaitiFit , Carlos Elie

-Boost Your Brand Digital Marketing

-Group Sakapfet OKAP 

-Sunglasses Tony Brown Collection

-Video Production Mike Sauers

-Photo Jameson Thermitus, Verse Citi & Joe Wesley

-Athleisure Wear Rebels and Stone

-Nails & Hair ReNu Beauty Lounge

-Safe Trips Haiti John-Wesley Pierre 

-Cap Deli

The Miss Heritage Global Pageant is the first international beauty pageant focusing on heritage promotion, as well as the first internationally recognized pageant developed and centered in the continent of Africa. The Pageant celebrates the heritage and the diverse cultures of the world. 

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