Adele Delivers Inspiring Acceptance Speech for ‘Album of the Year’ Award

Last Sunday, the 59th Annual Grammy Awards delivered an enthralling night of jaw-dropping performances and emotional moments – one of which was Adele’s powerful acceptance speech when winning a Grammy for her 3rd studio album, 25.

As Adele walked on stage to accept her Grammy for the ‘Album of the Year’ award (her fifth win of the evening), she delivered a speech in regards to Beyonce’s album Lemonade, which was nominated for the same category including ‘Record of the Year, and ‘Song of the Year.’

What makes this acceptance speech inspiring is that she remains humble and demonstrates the utmost respect she has for another fellow artist’s talent. Adele praised Beyonce for producing an album she knew deserved recognition, and dedicated the award to her saying Lemonade was “monumental” and “well-thought out.”

Two women embracing one another’s success instead of tearing each other down is truly empowering and we need to see more of this in the media. You can watch Adele’s acceptance speech that has everybody talking right here.

Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie

Nicole Marie is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts. She enjoys celebrating her Latin roots and is happy to show the world how proud she is of her cultural background. Some of Nicole's favorite hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, and binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix (preferably Parks and Recreation). She now assists the MY Lifestyle Magazine team as a social media intern and hopes to gain valuable experience from this amazing opportunity.

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