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Celebration Equals Responsibility

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On a daily basis, 27 people are killed in the United States from impaired driving crashes. Not everyone takes into consideration the consequences of their actions. People drive while intoxicated believing they’re not responsible for an accident from just a couple of drinks.

Diageo, looking forward to making people conscious of drinking in a responsible way, created a virtual reality video that enables you to be the co-pilot of a drunk driver who is the cause of an accident. The purpose of this campaign as Diageo CMO, James Thompson said, “is to create responsibility. If we help to inform even one person’s decision-making when it comes to drinking and driving, that’s a win. We want as many people as possible to experience this.”

An “I didn’t mean it” would never bring a person back to life. Be conscious, be smart and make the right decision before you become part of someone else’s tragedy. My Lifestyle Magazine encourages you to watch this video and be part of a responsible way of celebrating. Watch it on

Laura Sepulveda Arcila
Laura Sepulveda Arcila

Escritora y Video Periodista

Periodista colombiana, bilingüe, graduada de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana en Bogotá. En el año 2013 se trasladó a la ciudad de Nueva York, en donde continúa ejerciendo su carrera como periodista freelance, generando contenidos como corresponsal de diferentes medios de comunicación en Colombia y España como W Radio Colombia, Blu Radio, Testigo Directo, Movistar Radio, Al Aire Web generando contenidos radiales, televisivos y textos digitales publicados en los portales correspondientes. Adicionalmente produce piezas de audio publicadas a través del Podcast de iTunes.

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