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Juanes knocked the Latin music world Back on its heels with his first solo album “Fijate Bien”, and was praised as an underground upstart.  We are in high anticipation for the release of his new album which is out on Monday April 3 2017.  In conjunction with the release of his new visual album which will arrive on May 17 on HBO Latino; It will air a special feature presentation with the Colombian superstar titled The Juanes Effect: De Canciones y Transformaciones on May 19.  The episode will include special interviews and will be followed by an in-studio concert where the singer/songwriter will perform several selected songs. As he did at The Perez Art Museum on April 3, 2017 in Miami during hispanicize week 2017. #hispz17 @hispanaize.  The colombian singer and his record label Universal Music share with the public some tracks: “Fuego,” “Hermosa Ingrata,” “Un ratico” and the latest “Ángel.”

A feature is attached with his new project and a forthcoming tour and ahead of his forthcoming visual album.

MY Lifestyle Magazine team has had the privilege of being invited to the sneak peek of the visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte. An album with 12 music videos and of course we are most pleased of the following, the premiere of his first single Fuego“, and “Hermosa Ingrata.” Watch closely “Fuego” , which has already broken records and is currently the first single off his new album.

Unlike Juanes’ first two guitar-driven electro-cumbias single “Fuego” and “Hermosa Ingrata, both of these songs are very different and invigorating. These songs are in contrast to his previous works. Each song is a chapter in the visual concept portion of his album. In “Angel” He’s in a full astronaut gear and appears to find himself in the middle of a beautiful Jungle wondering through a trail that might lead him to the person he’s been looking for. He’s also walking a dog that appears to help him. Pouring his most intimate thoughts and emotions into the lyrics and music.

Multi-Grammy Award-winning Juanes is doing something that’s never been done before in the Latin market and we’re loving it! The Colombian chart-topping artist talks to us about his new album “Mis Planes Son Amarte,”. An audiovisual storyline of a Colombian astronaut who travels across time searching for the woman of his dreams.

Juanes describes his new track and music video titled “Angel”. “Music is therapy. Through the songs, you discuss what you feel and the situations you’ve lived through and share with those people” he says.

“Angel” delivers that feeling of excitement and anticipation of falling in love. With moodier efforts; it’s lighter, often playful, peppered subtly with Colombian rhythms. Recorded with acoustic guitars instead of his usual electric guitar, and including the Colombia’s traditional triple guitar. The album features collaborations with artists such as Fonseca, and Juanes’ parceros. They will make a cameo throughout his journey, specifically when he arrives to his hometown of Medellín, Colombia. Those cameos include reggaetón superstar J Balvin , legendary soccer player Juan Pablo Ángel, and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Kali Uchis. In my perspective Juanes gets funky in a collaboration with fellow Colombian singer/songwriter Kali Uchis on the sultry track “Un ratico.”

Also, if you are wondering what exactly does “Hermosa Ingrata” mean? Well, Juanes himself explained it to us by saying, “It means that it’s about all of these gorgeous women that are so beautiful, but at the same time very dangerous. She makes you suffer, but makes you happy. It’s a doubled edged sword.” Juanes said.

The video shoot by Cacho Lopez was done in a kaleidoscope and flashback style. In which it gives us a parallel narrative between the astronaut and Juanes. That’s what we see in these two previous chapters. ”For me as a musician, and as an artist, I was like wow, this is a new world.” he said.

Was it a dream? Is it a parallel universe? Who knows! Just for your record Juanes agonizes over his albums and he worries about how people will react. And he has good reason to be nervous. His new album Mis Planes Son Amarte is very different from his past two albums because the sound is unlike the Juanes we know but on a deeper level. The album shows itself to be something else. It is deceptive at first glance managing the sound to be fresh when it is combined with the album’s driving percussion. With he’s passionate vocals the pop-flavored album seems as upbeat and sweet as a teenage crush. It may be new territory for his fans and it’s a place likely to pull in listeners just discovering one of Latin America’s biggest stars.

Juanes said a new sound will be all over his upcoming album. He was happy to take the challenge in an ongoing philanthropic efforts. Juanes has always exemplified excellence and grace in his music efforts and beyond.

I’m a huge Juanes fan and to be face to face interviewing the mind and voice behind so many compositions. He has brought me so much happiness and has basically been the soundtrack of my heart. It’s a moment I will NEVER forget, thank you Hispanicize team.

He is set to begin a new world tour this year that will take place in Miami, Mexico, Europe and Latin America this year GET YOUR TICKETS Here.

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