Katrina Chiovon: a versatile woman in the arts world

It was my passion to create, the never ending desire to bring the world of my imagination to life,

says Katrina Chiovon about her work.

NEW YORK – Katrina Chiovon is a multifaceted woman that inspires us. Chiovon is an american actress, director, producer, writer and filmmaker, with a background full of cultural influences. A woman with a diverse heritage ; French, irish and Native American. Katrina started in the art world when she was little. Even though, it was hard in the beginning, she has always pursued her dreams. MY LifeStyle Magazine chatted with her about her career and life.

MLM: How did you know you were born to be an artist and start working for your dreams? How did your company start?

KC:  At 15 I went to study with the New York City Ballet and took radio, and production classes, at 17 hopped on a greyhound bus with a backpack and moved to New York City. I started college and went to study business and pretty much forgot about my dream in the arts. It wasn’t until I was asked to model for Ralph Lauren in Glamour Magazine when I was reminded of what I was capable of. By 2010, I landed a role beside Vinny Vella in the film Old Secrets No Lies. A year later casted in Friends with Benefits and certainly prompted the courage to go after my dream. It was the day my grandmother Mary and I were flying and she saw me on the screen and started telling the airline attendant her granddaughter was in the movies and I felt inspired to go after my dream. Soon after, I founded my own entertainment company Vico, focusing on dance productions and special events. Working on numerous acting jobs for film and commercials I decided to also start writing, producing, directing and editing films. Soon after, I founded Chiovon Productions where I continued to make my own films as well as steadily getting booked for roles. 

MLM: What inspires you to do what you do?

KC: It was my passion to create, the never ending desire to bring the world of my imagination to life. 

MLM: What are your projects?

KC: I directed and starred in Unsafe heist Short Film, wrote a film about human trafficking, produce and star the Glitch sci-fi comedy, I was one of the producers on Checkmate film. I starred in the new Gotham Shorts, and voiceover for season 2 of US New York lost in space animation series. Along with launching my business Ovono.

MLM: What are you projects for the future?

KC: My professional plans for the future are owning my own film studio and expanding Chiovon Productions and building the Ovono empire. 

MLM: How do you describe yourself and your audience? I see you care about the environment and that you are an activist as well.

KC: My audience is everyone but if I had to choose it would be for the open minded, the creative and yes I’m a humanitarian, a philanthropist, wildlife activist, eco friendly green lover and recycle leader. I’m the one making sure everyone recycles when I visit their home, just saying. I’m here to change the world in any way I can. I’m working on writing a film about human trafficking to shed more light on this and I hope that my films will help people to understand the truth and have a postitve impact.

MLM: What filmmakers inspire you?

KC: Waleed Sokkar, Joe Sill, Guy Ritchie, Emily Skye, Mostafa Medhat, Mikael Cross, Actors, Charlie Hunnam, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Chastain, Christopher Joseph Gray, to name a few. 

MLM: Who is your bigger support?

KC: I feel lucky enough to be able to say my friends and family are very supportive, when I was younger I was in a long relationship with someone who was not supportive in fact, detrimental to my career and I actually gave it up to ease the relationship, but I can say now my biggest advice in life is be with someone who not only supports you but inspires you to follow your dreams. 

MLM: What is your advice for young girls that want to be actresses?

KC: My advice to young girls is do not take roles that make you feel uncomfortable in any way, there will always be another role. I highly recommend making your own films and creating the roles that you would love to get casted in. 

MLM: How do you prepare for a role?

KC: In this field there’s a lot of preparation, whether its producing or acting, writing, if it’s acting then I’ll work on my dialogue I dive into the script tear it apart by breaking it down usually with my acting coach, rehearse, perhaps research the characters behaviors, and really immerse myself.

MLM: What do you like to do in your free time?

KC: Traveling, exploring, live music, dancing, cool and old books, museums, art, activities like anything fast with speed and outdoors. 

For more information about Katrina visit this page.

Contact: @KatrinaChiovon

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Gloves by: @katrinachiovon

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