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“the greatest spectacle this 100 season during NFL”

Who is this woman?

She’s nominated for 8 GRAMMY Awards® including “Best New Artist” and “Album of the Year”, and has spent the past year dominating the charts, leading a movement for self-love, and entertaining us all with her larger than life personality. Her performance at the BETs earned a standing ovation from Rihanna 

In anticipation of Super Bowl LIV and joining the celebrity migration south, breakout Grammy award-winning hip hop rapper Lizzo, feminist icon and wind-instrument master, packed Miami Beach’s classic 1950 Jackie Gleason Theater at the Fillmore, the same stage where Ed Sullivan filmed and Tony Bennett performed. Despite lines around the block, we are grateful to have kicked off the celebration of THE BIG GAME WEEKEND WITH LIZZO, making music history once again with her uncanny ability to play a wildly catchy beat on flute and a frank and authentic approach to body positivity.

Over 2,700 enthusiastic fans Joined Lizzo on Thursday night January 30th for one of the most sought-after tickets of the season. Lizzo put on a superb show with her silver Muramatsu flute; on which she played some melodies written by centuries-old Frenchmen in the midst of pyrotechnics and flashy dance moves. Is this what a classical flautist looks like? Lizzo dominated the stage with a dazzling array of glimmering, twerking and freestyle rapping while wrapped in full-body glitter spandex and flanked by a large cast of talented dancers.

Lizzo thanked her fans with genuine humility and paid a touching tribute to Kobe Bryant. Thanks to SiriusXM Pandora, fans today learned why some call this young woman from Minneapolis the  “wind machine” in a performance of awe, delight and a challenge to traditional conceptions of pop-star image. Shattering stereotypes, she’s on a mission to change how women and men view their bodies and love themselves. This cause underscores much of Lizzo’s work.

In addition to the intimate performance by Lizzo, the event sponsors as well make us feel “Good As Hell” by hooking us up. with exciting onsite experiences, complimentary bites, giveaways, and more thanks to the sponsors! Special thanks from intrepid correspondents Luke Richbourg and Nataly Yabur to sponsor Doritos, which provided one of the most amusing video #coolRanceDance with selfie-stages, including hay bales, cowboy hats, and electric guitars for guests to do their best Nashville impressions and Clorox bleach meantime undertook to keep the escalator railings germ-free, not to mention SiriusXM Pandora for making the show possible.

By Nataly Yabur

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Nataly Yabur
Nataly Yabur

She is a fashion designer who work with wardrobe stylist selecting the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. She is part of the creative team of My Lifestyle magazine and the same time she have assembled, collaborating group of people who working with the fashion designer, photographer/director, and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project by the client

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