VYRENT Jewelry Allows Consumers to Rent Luxury Watches at an Affordable Cost

Tech start-up company VYRENT, is giving their clients the opportunity to rent their favorite luxury watches for only $199.00 per month. Based in New York, this new company is ready to take on an industry of watch lovers who seek to wear the latest styles in fashion.

Through its new and innovative program, consumers are given the chance to join VYRENT’s membership with little to no commitment at all. Instead of owning the next best watch for an expensive price, customers can now rent their favorite wrist bling at an affordable cost, with VYRENT offering programs for new watches and jewelry every 30 days.  Vendors gain access to uploading their inventory giving consumers the ability to select what they desire to wear by searching through a variety of luxury watches.

Their rules are simple to follow, allowing the consumer looking for cost effective methods to rent a watch of their choosing for a week, a month, to even a year. “Rent, Rock, Return, Repeat,” is VYRENT’s motto as stated on their official website.

Vendors can set the prices based on their very own costs. However, this does not mean VYRENT has a lenient policy. Vendors are subject to screenings to ensure that all watches included in their uploaded inventories are legitimate and of quality to all members of VYRENT’s programs. This provides price security for all members and ensures safety of items when being shipped to the consumer.

What makes this new program different is the way it gives its consumers the choice to rent their favorite luxury watch for a great price. VYRENT has already partnered with retailers such as NYC LUXURY, a celebrity jewelry and watch vendor. As a rental luxury watch service, VYRENT can open its doors to the entertainment industry where celebrities are always ready to wear something new and fresh for the next big event.

VYRENT is considered the 1st marketplace for luxury watch rentals and as this new business grows, more vendors join. It’s a win-win for all. For more information visit www.vyrent.com

Nicole Marie

Nicole Marie is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts. She enjoys celebrating her Latin roots and is happy to show the world how proud she is of her cultural background. Some of Nicole's favorite hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, and binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix (preferably Parks and Recreation). She now assists the MY Lifestyle Magazine team as a social media intern and hopes to gain valuable experience from this amazing opportunity.

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