What to see during and after COVID 19 quarantine in London?

London is one of the most important financial cities in the world. Recently, we have been in quarantine and we may be at risk for contracting COVID 19. Doctors and epidemiologists around the world recommend keeping a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) and also using a face mask for getting out, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and applying antibacterial gel.

Look for information in the CDC page to see the latest update of the COVID-19 and recommendations in the USA or in WHO, World Health Organization, to the latest information about the COVID around the world. Check also the local governments pages to see the rules in each state or country.

You could read on the WHO website with info in chinese, arabic, english, spanish, french and russian languages.

  • – Advice for the public.
  • – Travel advice.
  • – Questions and answers.

Traveling is not allowed. You can only be repatriated or go to another country if you were required to by the Government as medical support such as doctors or nurses. The majority of borders are closed without a date of opening. Pay attention to WHO, consulates and embassy information on their websites.


We will show you some places that you should visit when they open. In the meanwhile you could see them as a virtual tour. These Museums are closed temporarily, but some of them will be opened next month with some requirements.

1.-British Museum

You can see on virtual tour more than 60 rooms with history of cultures from Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe with handicrafts, crockery, prints and drawings. My favorite visits are: Mexico with culture from Maya, Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec, Mixtec. I like exhibitions from Europe (1400 to 1800), Catholic, Jews, Protestants and exotic objects from Royal treasuries.




2.- Museum of London.

There is so much to see in London and also audio to hear on your virtual visit. For          example: Clothes’ designs through war, Plague, Fire, Medieval and Rome, London and Transport.

In July, this Museum shares eight exhibitions more and if you would like to see them you must book on its calendar. I suggest to see “The clash: London calling” because this exhibition has diaries, instruments and notes that reflect social and political feeling through music.


3.- National Gallery.

This Gallery offers eighteen virtual rooms where you will find great paintings relating to  bible history, christianity and protestant movement such as Moses, Martin Luther and Jesus Christ and You could see Renaissance masterpieces from Northern Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.


4.- An amazing show in theater.

Going to a show could be a wonderful experience. London is well known as the Theatre Capital of the world. Unfortunately, theatres have been closed since last march for COVID-19 and there is no reopening date for theaters.

Look for more news on next website:


5.- London Eye.

One of the most spectacular sights is the London Eye. It is located in front of the River Thames and London Aquarium. The nearest underground stations are Waterloo and Embankment. The London Eye is temporarily closed.

To admire the beauty of the River Thames you can walk on the pavement along this river until boat and ship tours are re-opened.

See for more news on:


6.- Victoria and Albert Museum.

This museum has amazing sculptures and paintings of medieval and renaissance, also one of Leonardo Da Vinci notebooks, but it has been closed since last March and it is waiting to be opened. There are not virtual tours yet.


7.- Sciences Museum.

I think one of the most interactive museums in London is The Science Museum because You will find videos of astronomy and cosmology development and history and also you will see a wonderlab and computer to challenge your knowledge. This Museum will be opened on August 19th this year but you have to book your visit in advance.

Read more info:


8.- Design Museum.

This one of the most modern museums. You will see architecture designs and also the history of communications technology around the world. It opens July 31th, 2020. Everyone must have booked online.

See more info:


9.-Natural History Museum.

This Museum describes the history of animal species, flora and world famous biologist Charles Darwin who published his Theory of evolution.

It is located at South Kensington, it will be opened on next August 5th, only a few visitors are allowed but they will have to book online for free.

See more info:


10.- London Bridge.

You could cross this great bridge on foot and it is totally free. Now, it is open but remember to keep social distance as WHO and doctors recommend and do not forget to use a face mask.

Look for more info on:
There is not official website.

11.-Palaces of Buckingham and Kensington.

You will admire their architecture and beauty. Although entrance is not allowed, they have beautiful gardens and in Buckingham Palace you can see its Changing of Guards at 10:45am every day in the summer and every third day in the winter.

No website info, only a blog: https://changing-guard.com/dates-buckingham-palace.html

12.- King’s cross.

You could get a picture in King’s Cross station of the famous location which inspired Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

King’s Cross is an underground and rail road station, so it is easy to arrive there.

13.- The Big Ben.

The name of Big ben is used to describe the tower, the clock and the bell but the name was first given to the Great Bell. It is beside the parliament. The Big Ben has been under maintenance for 2 years and it remains so.

Read more info on: https://www.parliament.uk/bigben

14.- Abbey Road.

Get your unforgettable picture in Abbey road and buy a
Beatles’s souvenir in the store of Abbey Road studios.

Now, you have more options to visit virtually and then to go. Good luck and enjoy it!

Alicia Martinez

Travel editor

MEXICAN. ENTREPENEUR, JOURNALIST AND FLIGHT ATTENDANT Alicia Oropeza. 29 years old. Mexican. Communications' sciences bachelor degree in Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. Entrepeneur and traveling girl.

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