Adele and fans pay tribute to victims of Brussels attacks

British singer Adele and her fans sang together late Tuesday in solidarity with the victims of the attacks which took place on Tuesday morning in Brussels, according to the BBC.
At London’s O2 arena, Adele asked her fans to sing along to her song, “Make You Feel My Love” with the screen of their cellphones lit.

“This is Make You Feel My Love and this is for Brussels tonight,” the British star told her fans before singing the song.

“I want you to all sing it with me, alright, so they hear us.” she added.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually been so moved before in my life at one of my shows, that

was just so beautiful. Thank you very much for doing that… I think they heard us.” she said after performing together with her fans.

The attacks at the main airport and in the metro in Brussels killed 34 people and wounded nearly 200 on Tuesday.

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