Ariel Tomat of Finish My Condo Expands His Reach Across Miami

Renowned general contractor and founder of Finish My Condo, Ariel Tomat, continues to “build lifestyles” in the real estate market of Miami

Ariel Tomat and the rest of the Finish My Condo team have undoubtedly challenged the status quo in the Miami real estate, with over three decades of creating masterpieces across the city. In a related developed, Finish My Condo has expressed readiness to take on more challenges, a move that will further establish the multiple award-winning company as a force in the real estate market.

The real estate market in Miami has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry, with the beautiful scenery of the city as well as its beaches and weather attracting millions of residents and of course, investors. Miami has become synonymous with luxury lifestyle and one brand that has ensured that developers, investors, and high-end designers across the city get top-notch real estate projects is Finish My Condo (FMC).

Finish My Condo has continuously delivered on its mandate, offering an amazing blend of versatility and creativity while leveraging the latest technologies to deliver finished projects of different categories. Over the years, Finish My Condo has won several awards and recognitions, with Ariel Tomat bringing his passion to make Miami one of the most sought after cities in the world and his expertise to the table.

The company’s vast network and relationship with notable brands have helped it to maintain the best and latest finishes in the market, an attribute that is evident in distinct works, such as the iconic project in Fendi Chateau, the Chateau Beach, and One Thousand Museum. Some of the services offered by Finish My Condo include Flooring, Lighting Automation and Climate Control, Project Management and Architectural Services, as well as Engineer and MEP Services. Other categories of services offered by FMC are Home Theater and Sound System Design and High-End Remodeling Services a la Carte.

In addition to the awards from notable bodies in the real estate market and construction industry, such as the 2021 Best of Sunny Isles Beach Award, Finish My Condo has also received accolades from commercial and residential clients for delivering stunning projects. ‘A family retreat on the ocean, the sense of feeling safe, FMC made it come true.” – Mr. Garcia, Fendi Chateau Residences Condo Owner.

To learn more about the award-winning Finish My Condo and the array of exceptional projects and solutions offered, visit – Finish My Condo can also be found across social media as it promotes the art of building luxury lifestyles on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Carlos Anaya

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