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About Genesis USA: We’re making luxury fun. Welcome to Genesis. #YoungLuxury

Your intrepid correspondents Luke Richbourg and Nataly Yabur last Tuesday, January 28 joined a gaggle of Miami’s poshest for a gala event at The Temple House on South Beach in Miami. The event? The launch of the first SUV ever by new-kid-on-the-block, high-end Korean carmaker Genesis Motor, Hyundai’s standalone luxury brand.

Miami is the home of stylized opulence, a sample of which was on full display at the event’s venue The Temple House. A modelesque tux-clad butler swinging open the door to reveal a phalanx of servers in white with trays of citrus-coloured libations set the tone, while a scrum of press folk and a thicket of tripods looked on from the mezzanine above.

A giant mirror greeted guests with a mocking “Farewell Old Luxury” written at the top – perfect framing for a quick selfie. And inside, an array of overlapping projections transformed the flat white walls into a palace with ornate patterns, invoking gold-threaded wallpaper and elaborate mouldings. Uplifting music wafted from two lovely violinists stationed in the corners, wielding their bows with vigour. Replica Victorian salon settings drew guests to ornate embroidered chairs and woodworked tables. Once again irresistibly Instagramable, the only thing missing was powdered wigs!

Going Away Party feat. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen | 2020 Super Bowl Commercial | Genesis

“Old luxury had a good run. But in this year’s Super Bowl commercial, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen bid it a long-overdue farewell. Watch as they introduce Young Luxury and the first-ever SUV from Genesis. The all-new Genesis GV80. After all, young isn’t an age, it’s a mindset.”

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Thanks to a screening of the Genesis Super Bowl LIV commercial and some spot-lit teleprompter speechifying by William Lee  (Executive Vice President and Global Head of the Genesis brand), Mark Del Rosso (US CEO), Luc Donckerwolke (chief creative officer for Genesis parent Hyundai) the theme of the gala began to come into focus. Building a brand from scratch, Genesis means to target stiff, staid, humorless and self-serious “Old Luxury”. Think the starched-collar old codger in a Rolls-Royce trying to bum some Grey Poupon mustard. As for the violins, tuxes, and Louis XIV furniture – Genesis means to mothball that grandma stuff. In so many words, “OK Boomer, step aside”. In contrast, “Young Luxury” materialized in the form of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend exchanging quips in snappy sassy vignettes as the attractive couple teased and chided in relatable authenticity. All the while taking care of business in their new Genesis GV80 SUV.

Anticipation smoldering, spotlights swung to a silvery GV80 SUV as it slid from its hiding place, parting the crowd like Moses parting the Red Sea. Now, we’ll be honest, these reporters traffic in glitter and glam; we know as much about cars as we do about football – which is to say, very little to speak of. Until this evening for all, we knew the brand Genesis could have been a new brand of vodka. Consequently, we won’t pretend to be authorities on the finer points of automotive engineering; we leave that to “Car and Driver”. We do submit however that to our untrained eyes the sleek, sedate, understated class and clean minimalist lines of the GV80 succeeded in realizing its marketing message, “Yeah, I have the coin for a Suburban, but do I want to look like a dinosaur?”


“The Genesis GV80 dominates the road while keeping you smartly focused on the journey ahead”

video credit Genesis

Marketing spin aside, it’s plain that the Genesis SUV team worked hard and has reason to take pride in its engineering, design, and marketing accomplishments. Building a new brand in one of the most competitive segments on the planet is no small task. As Hyundai’s answer to Toyota’s Lexus, we came away from the Genesis GV80 Reveal persuaded a genuine contender has entered the ring. Many thanks again from MyStylelife.com to the Genesis team for including us and we wish them continued success as they bring cars to the Uber generation.  


by Luke Richbourg 

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