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In Search of an Unforgettable Vacation? Visit New Zealand’s Countryside, Most Remote Locations, and Enjoy the PurePod Experience

It’s time to add New Zealand on your list of countries to visit. Arranged by New Zealand specialists New Zealand in Depth, this beautiful island nation has added some new and exciting itineraries giving travelers a chance to explore its rare wildlife, and countryside with guided tours, conservation activities, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience in their Pure Pod stay. Here’s what these programs offer to all visitors looking for a nice vacation stay.

Diverse Activities and Luxury Accommodations with New “Predator-Free NZ” Itinerary

New Zealand is on a mission to making its wildlife and countryside predator-free with a new “predator-free NZ” itinerary, and travelers will get a chance at participating too! Not only will this new itinerary aim to eliminate dangers to wildlife in New Zealand, others can get involved by becoming part of the solution where they will get the chance to experience the country’s determined attempt at preserving its natural environment.

Starting at $8,800 USD per person, the program begins with a 25-day itinerary filled with numerous conservation activities, and luxurious accommodations that are sure to attract many looking for a way to escape their day-to-day responsibilities while also helping a cause New Zealand strongly believes in. Travelers will get a first look at experiencing the efforts at conservation by staying with local operators who form part of the Predator-Free NZ Organization. Visitors will be able to explore rare birdlife on Stewart Island, the third largest island in New Zealand, and go bird watching on a cruise or enjoy a night walk to search for brown kiwi.

The program will also hold full-day Elm Wildlife guided trips on the Otago Peninsula to view yellow-eyed penguins and albatross. Boat trips on the Okarito Lagoon will be provided as a way for visitors to see various bird species while being able to participate in a local native plant nursery. Other activities include visiting Zealandia to explore the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, remaining at Blue Duck station to participate in protecting the endemic blue duck from predators, and much more.

Aside from all the enjoyable wildlife tours, beautiful visits to scenic locals, and relaxing boat trips, New Zealand’s new itinerary provides “natural” accommodations in hotels, B&B’s and lodges with some meals included, rental car use services, and a domestic flight from Dunedin to Auckland. The program will allow all visitors to contribute in the country’s goal to be predator-free by 2050 and all proceeds go directly to the purchase of new traps and the creation of local initiatives.

Travel to New Zealand’s Most Remote Locations with “Retreats Without Roads” Itinerary

Some of the most beautiful and remote locations in New Zealand can only be reached by helicopter, four-wheel drive, or boat. Lucky for travelers, New Zealand in Depth’s new “Retreats Without Roads” program begins with a 14-day itinerary where visitors can view the country’s beautiful and distant locations.

Offered from November through April, visitors will begin by viewing Kapiti Island, flying over to the bay of many coves, and getting a view of the east coast to Kaikoura towards the Banks Peninsula. The experience will continue south to Mount Aspiring National Park and end in Fiordland National Park. With prices starting at $11,500 USD per person, the program highlights a few activities which guests can immerse themselves in.

A Maori guided tour of an island wildlife sanctuary will be open for guests to enjoy. Visitors will also have access to a stay on a working sheep farm that can only be reached by a helicopter. Guests can also go bird watching, farming, fishing, mountain biking, swimming with seals or dolphins, and even go bird watching to explore some of the country’s wildlife.  Accommodations include breakfast and dinner daily with 1 helicopter transfer and 1 boat transport. Guests can enjoy a world class cuisine, and can even stay at a luxury hotel suite set in an all-glass box which sails them around isolated sound among the fiords of the country’s Fiordland National Park.

Experience the View of New Zealand In an All-Glass Box

As part of the one-night PurePod stay arranged by New Zealand in Depth travel experts, the PurePod experience made entirely out of glass was specifically designed to help travelers get up-close with nature and experience a 360-degree view of New Zealand without interruption. The best part of this modern design? It is eco-sensitive and it’s completely set on a private farm land that ensures your privacy. Four Pure Pods provides a singular boutique hotel experience offering comfort, luxury, and dramatic views – no neighbors included.

Travel expert Paul Carberry explained exactly how the PurePod is designed for an unforgettable experience. “There is literally nothing to impede your connection with the surrounding landscape. Sometimes you forget that the floors, walls and ceiling are even there as you look in every direction to see uninterrupted views… the pure pod is a place to slow down and disconnect to a place to forget the worries of the world,” expressed Carberry.

The PurePod has a luxurious feel to it with a traditional New Zealand back-country hut concept into the present. It Is isolated, has exclusive linen on the bed, runs on solar power, uses filtered water, and has natural waste composting. Being all about the view means enjoying the sensation of floating over the ground and star-gazing from indoors. A one-night stay through New Zealand in Depth is priced at $225 USD per person, per night including dinner and a breakfast hamper.

Are You Booking Your Next Flight to New Zealand?

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