The Market in Your Pocket

Economy is a subject of interest for everybody even though it is not a very easy topic to understand. This reference will refer to the specifics and fact about the importance of saving, facts and strategies that should be kept on mind. It may not sound so exciting because people prefer having money to spend than in their savings account, because it’s a budget that only requires touching when an emergency occurs.

As it is said in the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the savings should be the first part that you put away from your paycheck. Your saving account money should never be the last money you put away after paying bills, doing your errands or satisfying other necessities. Otherwise, this way of living and spending money just opens the door of allowing a person to say, I can’t do it this time, I don’t have enough money.

But what happen when you are able to do it? What happens after you have saved and important amount of money? What are you supposed to avoid to remain in the standard status of your spending and saving?

Keeping the money under the mattress, in the bank, with your personal stuff, should never be your plan. The value of the currency changes and with it the price of the articles that you may buy as well. Your goal should be to invest, to make your money useful, it is always a risk, but at the same time you can either loose or win in your investment and come out with more than you put in when you first started.

How can you compare the stock market and your pocket to make decisions based on it?

A basic principle that you need to keep in mind is that you have to invest in products that have possibilities of growing. But for this specific fact you may want to consider an expert in this topic.

Something that you can analyze by yourself is how the market has been acting in the last days, when it goes down and when the shares of the company are low in stocks, it is a good moment to buy shares and invest because you can get more shares for the same amount of money that you where planning to invest before.

Now, if you are on the other side already where you invested before and your shares are going down, do not move on, just wait for it to recover and if you are going to take it out of the market make sure that the shares are improving so that you can make sure that you are not loosing money but taking advantage of your investment.

Laura Sepulveda Arcila
Laura Sepulveda Arcila

Escritora y Video Periodista

Periodista colombiana, bilingüe, graduada de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana en Bogotá. En el año 2013 se trasladó a la ciudad de Nueva York, en donde continúa ejerciendo su carrera como periodista freelance, generando contenidos como corresponsal de diferentes medios de comunicación en Colombia y España como W Radio Colombia, Blu Radio, Testigo Directo, Movistar Radio, Al Aire Web generando contenidos radiales, televisivos y textos digitales publicados en los portales correspondientes. Adicionalmente produce piezas de audio publicadas a través del Podcast de iTunes.

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